Library Adventures Week #2

This might sound kind of nerdy to some, but I am completely excited about my weekly experiences in the library!  I learned how to catalog books, create and print their spine labels, affix them onto the new books, and shelve them in their new homes.  This is one of the fundamental practices of a librarian, and while I learned how to catalog from scratch using LOC and other tools, each library is just a little different in how they approach this task.  I learned the quick tips on how to find information for cataloging a new book.  I found that our district office in Jefferson County sends us cheat sheets for record keeping and has a specific system that we must follow so the overall database is uniform throughout the district.  I even found some ways around the pesky LOC database.  This was some of the most practical stuff I have done yet!  To many it would seem trivial and possibly tedious, but I loved it.

I also worked outside of the library hours with the Journalism students to complete an 8th grade promotional video that the 9th grade counselor will share with incoming freshmen over the next few months.  In an effort to encourage students to choose our school, the Library Media Center and the Journalism staff teamed up to produce this video.  It was so fun working with the kids to make editing decisions and to watch them work their magic.  It can be viewed at:


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