Week #3: Library Blog

Well, this week was a rousing success! Thursday, I visited the library to help the LMS update the lab of Surface Pros and spend my time observing her regular duties. I helped her remove them from their protective cases, update them, and replace the cases before returning them to charge in their station cart. This is a new responsibility for the LMS as the lab formerly belonged the middle school that we absorbed last year. The school has officially closed, but the high school is housing its last eighth grade class this year. Many of its technology resources are now coming into the LMS’s care, and while it seems awesome to get them, no one is using them yet and they constant receive network updates wirelessly. When the LMS has time to sit down and get all of them out, take them out of their cases, and turn them on, they start to get update after update. Similarly, when they move from a set location, they tend to lose connection to the network and cannot be logged on. This results in a major headache for the LMS, rather than being an asset to the media center. I experienced this first hand on Thursday, but I was able to help her a little bit so she could be less frustrated.
In addition, the absorption of the middle school means that the library computer lab of desktops is often monopolized by the middle school classes, shutting out anyone else in the entire school. This doesn’t seem fair, but it is only temporary at least. It doesn’t seem like an equitable use of the available resources if fourth period is taken up every day by a class that doesn’t even use the computers, rather only uses the space as a classroom. Several mouses have been stolen, cords taken out of monitors, and technology is sure to be damaged by these poorly managed students. Yikes!
The day ended on a high note, though, to be sure. I passed my PRAXIS! What a great way to end the week!

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