The Things Kids Say…

On this page, you will find quotes from my students and my step-son. They are telling, heartbreaking, hilarious, ridiculous, and often many other things. Enjoy!

Jaquan (12th grader): “Mrs. Ennis? You need to just go ahead and decide to go to prom with me.”

When asked what types of students she would like to teach if given the choice, one of my dual-credit English 101 students said:

I would like to teach students who are: curious, respectful, open-minded, positive, and active listeners.

I would like to teach students with these qualities because these are all qualities that I value in children. I have thought a lot about being a teacher, and I decided I would like to teach younger kids because they more often have these qualities than older kids. Curiosity is an admirable quality for students to have in general because it is a person’s thirst for knowledge. In order to learn effectively, one needs to WANT to learn. Being positive, open-minded and respectful creates a safe atmosphere for students (and teachers) to share their opinions and creative ideas! That is an important part of learning. Why would anyone want to share their thoughts in a room where they feel like people are only judging them, or in a room where they feel like no one wants to listen? Why SHOULD they?

One of my seniors drew this for me after reading the other day.

One of my seniors drew this for me after reading the other day.

“I have been told I am compassionate.

“Black people and zombies just don’t go together!” ~Mackenzie, 12th grade

“You know what’s crazy? Double-sided tape.” ~Elijah Ennis, 3rd grade

“I just wish boys could express themselves freely without judgment. I mean if boys want to wear lipstick, they ought to wear lipstick!” ~Keke White, 11th grade

“You know what really made me love adjectives? School House Rock.” ~Nathan Richards, 10th grade

“Oh My Wow!” ~Elijah Ennis, 3rd grade (as he was reading National Geographic’s Weird But True Facts)

“This article is basically college hacks for high school kids.” ~JoJo, 12th grade

After getting yet another standardized test result that was well below benchmark, “I just give up.  I am so done with this.” ~Lamiya, 12th grader with 13 weeks of school left, maybe forever (broke my heart!)
Same student came in after stepping out to take a phone call, on which she learned that she had been offered a job at Subway, “I feel like I am going to cry! I can do anything today!”

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