Camp Wonderopolis

​As we begin Camp Wonderopolis for the summer, don’t forget to extend this learning to older students.  Don’t be afraid — I know they’d probably rather die than go to camp in most cases — enlist them as “camp counselors” and everybody wins!  I am going to do an abbreviated version of this starting next week with a special group of boys that I really want to help out this summer.  I will be inviting my step-son (10), my brother (12), and any of their friends that want to come to meet with me once a week to explore Camp Wonderopolis together.  There is a 17-year-old that has had a rough go at it in our lives, and he is going to be my guinea pig counselor.  In this role, he and I will pre-plan the activities for the day by getting all the supplies needed.  Then, he will facilitate the experiments and activities with me.  The boys will want to do anything that the teenager does, so this is a winning equation!  I am excited to see them working together and will post updates as we muddle through our first Camp Wonderopolis experience.  We are going to combine it with an excellent summer reading program at our local library and with a Cultural Pass initiative that our mayor provides in Louisville.  Stay tuned!

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