About Me

A little about me, Kristie Hofelich Ennis, in case you’re interested!



  • Literacy Consultant – National Math & Science Initiative, LearnZillion, & Wonderopolis
  • Doctoral Candidate – Murray State University – Doctor of Arts in English Pedagogy & Technologu
  • Former high school and college English & Journalism Teacher, Instructional Coach (10 years)
  • National Board Certification, ELA/YA
  • KY Council of Teachers of English (KCTE) Board Member – Conference Chair  www.kcte.org
  • B.A. in English; M.A.T in Secondary English Education from the University of Louisville; M.S. in Library Science from Western KY University
  • Continuing graduate English studies – University of Louisville
  • Bread Loaf School of English fellow (2008) – Middlebury College




  • Married to Adam Ennis, 10/05/13
  • Step-son, Elijah Ennis
  • Lived in Louisville, KY for 34 years before moving to Warrenville, IL, and now to Dublin, OH.
  • Hobbies: reading, shopping, cooking, gardening, being outdoors, exercising (when I can find the time), working (I really do love what I do!), watching my favorite movies and TV shows, singing and travel
  • Crafter: I love to make wreaths from burlap and deco mesh, but I will try anything creative – facebook.com/kristiekrafts 
  • Essential Oils: Wellness Advocate for DΟTerra – mydoterra.com/kennis
  • Favorite Sports Teams: Cincinnati Reds & University of Louisville Cardinals
  • Travel Hot Spots – Destin and Seaside, Florida, Ireland, England, Wales, Mexico, Southern California, the Carolinas, Tucson
  • Favorite Book: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  • Music: I love anything I can sing or dance to
  • Animal Rescuer: Hank (9-year-old Beagle/Basset)


  1. Esther Orndorff

    This website is so impressive! First I have to say that before I reached your About Me page I was sidetracked by your post about the Mayor visiting with your students! That is so awesome and I loved that he encouraged them to study abroad. I’m sure with your teaching of English you cover so many different cultures and places so this is exactly what your students needed to hear. I find it crucial to travel abroad to become more enlightened! Your puppy is adorable, and so is your family! Looks like you have a wonderful career going on in Louisville!!!!

  2. Ryan

    I really enjoyed your website! You have added so many interesting things on it! I’m a big Katy Perry fan and it was interesting to see how she is involved with students. You seem like a very busy person! I admire your drive that is evident through your about me and your webpage!

  3. Whitney

    I really enjoyed looking through your site. From the looks of your blog you really enjoy teaching and being an active member of the Louisville community! It looks like we share some of the same interest as far as decorating and working out (when the time arises). I look forward to reading more about what you learn and perceive in this class! I am not a K-12 teacher by trade but several of my family members and friends are in education, so I respect what you all do!

  4. Tekoa (Bonnie) Manning

    Hello, great to meet you. Impressive site here.
    I’m not a Twitter gal so here’s my email.
    Would love to connect!
    Tekoa Manning


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