Independent Reading Survey #1

This week, as the trimester comes to a close and I am typing until my eyes cross to finish the portfolio essays, I am also checking in with the students and teachers that have implemented independent reading in their classrooms this year.  I have already asked my own students to respond, and I got a decent level of honest participation at 68 of 79 students.  I have now sent the Google form to all the English and ESL teachers, so I hope to receive more responses next week.  I have been working at re-implementing school-wide IR at Waggener, as it used to be an expectation across all grade levels and something that kids loved.  I plan to take all the data and create an infographic to represent the results.  This should be great for future presentations at conferences and to gain buy-in.  Action research at its finest gives students a voice, too!

I am also working toward finishing my inside hours for the practicum this week. I spent two hours learning of updates on technology in the LMC, assisting with circulation, shelving, and planning a new display to set up next week after Halloween.  My display was a pretty decent success at encouraging checkout, as half of the titles were checked out at least once during the month of October.  Next month, I’d like to go out with a bang by adding lights and larger visuals.  Anything to peak the students’ interests and get them reading works for me!  I have also spent many hours this week working on research and video editing for both the Waggener digital newspaper and the portfolio for WKU.  Overall, I am exhausted!  So, Happy Halloween!

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