Melee in the Media Center!

20151007_134619_resized 20151007_134634_resizedThere were so many middle school groups scheduled in the media center today that I can only imagine how my poor LMS felt at 2:20 when that final bell rang!  There was a theater class doing research on the history of drama and theater.  A science class was doing computer work.  Junior Achievement used the Surface Lab, which inevitably caused thousands of headaches for everyone because there are constant updates on those machines.  I went in for an hour today to relieve some stress as best as I could, since my LMS has no clerk or student aide 5th period.  I checked in books, added a Shelf Talker for World War Z, since it had been returned (so excited it was checked out and read already!), and did triage on updating the Surface Pros.  They kept kicking kids off the network and accepting updates at random, so that was fun!  I did some re-shelving for her, too.  It was the complete opposite to the full day I spent in there, which was mostly silent and empty.  It felt like a real day in the library!

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