Year 9 is underway!

I began my ninth year teaching at Waggener High School just under three weeks ago and this year is off to an EXCELLENT start! I have to say, last year I got really tired and in a rut pretty quickly, but after collaborating with the CTEPS cohort of NBCTs and starting getting involved with ECET2, KYEdvolution, KEA/NEA, JCTA, KCTE, NMSI, Advance KY, and presented some of my ideas at various conferences, I feel like a new woman!  My professional life has transformed into something I enjoy, actively look forward to engaging in, and continue to refine.  I am already making strides with my students this year, and most importantly, I WANT to go to work everyday.  I cannot stress enough the importance of getting involved outside your school building and on social media with other excellent educators.  Just do it, folks.  You’ll be incredibly thankful and renewed.

So far, my most effective instructional ideas have been shared via social media avenues, so please check out Twitter and FB to see more.  @KristieHEnnis & Kristie Hofelich Ennis (FB)

Acronym/Associations Legend: Each are linked to more information

CTEPS: Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions

NBCT: Nationally Board Certified Teacher

ECET2: Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching

KYEdvolution: A campaign to connect excellent educators in KY; #KYEdvolution

KEA: KY Education Association

NEA: National Education Association

JCTA: Jefferson County Teachers Association

KCTE: KY Council of Teachers of English

NMSI: National Math and Science Initiative

Advance KY: An professional organization that promotes open access to all students for AP level instruction



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