Snowpocalypse Ends!

WonderTwitAvatar01After five snow days and ridiculous weather, I am finally back to school (on a 2 hour delay, but here!). It is nice to be back in my general schedule and routine, but it is going to be a crazy push to get things back on track. I am hoping we don’t have terrible attendance. You see, we have one day left in a grading period before the students switch schedules for the remainder of the year.

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My poor student teacher will be observed twice tomorrow, once by her University supervisor and once by District personnel, on opening day of trimester three! As always, we will push on, doing the best we can for kids.

On a side note, I found some amazing resources while I was off all last week. I am thrilled about Wonderopolis, both a fully functional app and website. You will find a widget in the bottom left of this page. We are using this to get the brains of senior English students going every morning and as journal writing prompts. I love the multimedia and non-fiction reading connections. It cuts down on a lot of planning/prep for us, too! Winning! Secondly, I am in love with BiblioNasium. I am sure that elementary and middle grade instructors already know about it, but I see great potential for my high school students as they get back to independent reading through my team’s literacy initiative this spring. We will be using it to keep citations and reviews of books that students self-select.
So, happy week to you! Hope you are warm and safe, wherever you are!

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